Student Advising
PhD – Major Advisor:

  1. Randy Trumbower: Optimization of FES-cycling for Spinal Cord injured. (Biomedical Engineering, PhD Thesis, Major Advisor – 2005- completed)
  2. Stephanie Haapala: Joint biomechanics during progressive resistance and submaximal functional electrical stimulation-leg cycle ergometry in spinal cord injured people. (Biomedical Engineering, PhD Thesis, Major Advisor – 2008 completed)
  3. Kamyar Momeni: Kinetics and Kinematics of Cycling in Young and Old. (PhD in Biomedical Engineering – ongoing)

PhD – Associate Advisor:

  1. Salman Alzayani (PhD in Public Health) - ongoing
  2. Matthew Solomito (PhD Biomedical Engineering) - ongoing
  3. Zandra Zweber (PhD Psychology) - 2014 - completed
  4. Marie Louis Luby (PhD Biomedical Engineering) - 2007
  5. Li-Ping Cheng (PhD Biomedical Engineering) - 2002
  6. Charles Chatterton (PhD Exercise Sciences) - 2000
  7. Monica Richards (PhD Psychology) - 2000
  8. Jeffrey Schlicht (PhD Exercise Sciences) -1999 - completed 

MS – Major Advisor (Thesis):

  1. Christopher Hovorka: Hemodynamic effects of neuromuscular electrical stimulation, sequential pneumatic compression, leg elevation, and supine resting on lower extremities edema in hemiplegic stroke patients. (MS, Allied Health, Major Advisor – 1998 completed).  Recipient of the Graduate Student Research Award, School of Allied Health).
  2. Qing Yuan Du (George): Use of electronic plethysmography instrumentation to predict calf volume at various levels of voluntary contractions of the lower limb muscles. (MS, Allied Health, Major Advisor – 1998 completed). Recipient of the Graduate Student Research Award, School of Allied Health.
  3. John Yount: Cardiovascular response to electrical stimulation during standing in spinal cord injured patients. (MS, Allied Health, Major Advisor – 2000 -completed).  Recipient of the Graduate Student Research Award, School of Allied Health Nutritional intervention to promote health in blue color workers using stage of the change model. 
  4. Molly Burns: (MS, Allied Health, Major Advisor – 2000 - completed).  Recipient of the Graduate Student Research Award, School of Allied Health.
  5. Amy Weiler: Promoting active life style in blue collar workers using the Stage of the Change Model. (MS, Allied Health, Major Advisor – 2000-completed). Recipient of the Graduate Student Research Award, School of Allied Health.
  6. Rani, MU: Quality of life and life satisfaction of elderly individuals with spinal cord injury. (MS, Allied Health, Major Advisor – 2004-completed).  Recipient of Gerontology Research Fellowship for Dissertation ($3,000).
  7. Liz Hamp: Exercise adherence and functional ability in older adults. (MS, Allied Health, Major Advisor – 2005-completed). Recipient of Gerontology Research Fellowship for Dissertation ($3,000), and Graduate Student Research Award, School of Allied Health
  8. Sara Gustavesen: Worksite Yoga program for non-specific chronic low-back pain and related symptoms. (MS, Allied Health, Major Advisor – 2007-completed).
  9. Erika Blozie: Health Risk Assessment and follow -up consultation at the worksite. (MS Thesis (MS, Allied Health, Major Advisor – 2007 completed).
  10. Ekenesenarienrien Omokaro (Cynthia): Evaluation of pedometer walking program at work. (MS, Allied Health, Major Advisor – 2008 completed).
  11. Amanda Merz: Motivation to Reduce HIV Risk Behavior among Injection Drug Using Parents in Treatment: Exploring Gender Differences and Residence with Children. (MS, Public Health, Major Advisor – 2010-completed).
  12. Melissa M. Marcinick, ATC: Work-Family Life and Staffing Patterns in National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Settings. (MS, Allied Health, Major Advisor – 2010-completed).
  13. Rajashree Kotejoshyer: Validation of a readiness health promotion program check list. (MS, Allied Health, Major Advisor – 2010-completed).
  14. Kamyar Momeni: Evaluating different timing and sequencing of FES during cycling performance of SCI individuals. (MS Biomedical Engineering, Major Advisor – 2011-completed).
  15. Nicole Benson: Lose to Win: A tailored weight loss program for DOC employees. (MS, Allied Health- Major Advisor- 2011-completed).
  16. Lee Giguere: E-Motivate: Using Electronic Messaging to Deliver Motivational Messages Based on the Transtheoretical Model to Promote Physical Activity. (MS. Public Health –Major Advisor 2011-completed)
  17. Santina Galbo: Worksite Weight Loss Intervention Utilizing Monetary Incentives and Contingency Management. (MS.  Allied Health -Major Advisor-2011-completed).
  18. Jessica Ehrentraut: Weight Loss and Risk of Musculoskeletal Pain and Chronic Disease in a Nursing Home Staff. (MS, Allied Health-Major Advisor-2011-completed).
  19. Lindsey Ferrero: Participatory Approach to workplace weight loss intervention. (MS, Allied Health-Major Advisor-2012-completed)
  20. Kelly Wallace: Indicators of Annual Weight Gain in Correctional Employees: from Personal to Organizational. (MS in Allied Health- 2013-Completed).
  21. 21. Kyle Kaminski: Understanding Physical Activity on a University Campus. (MS in Allied Health- 2013-completed).
  22. Christina Mignano: An Insight to Psychological Health, Health Behaviors, and Bodyweight among Correctional Employees. (MS, Allied Health, Major Advisor – 2014- completed).
  23. Winnie Chin: The Link between Musculoskeletal Pain, Lifestyle Behaviors, Exercise Self-Efficacy, and Quality of Life in Overweight and Obese Individuals. (MS, Allied Health, Major Advisor –2014- completed).
  24. Martinus Evans: Examining Characteristics, Motivators, and Activities of Weight Loss Bloggers and Their Readers. (MS, Allied Health, Major Advisor – 2014-completed).
  25. Susan Dang: Using Social Media to Target Parents and Promote Positive Health Behaviors in Preschool-Aged Children. (MS, Pubic Health, Major Advisor – 2014-completed).
  26. Kelly Stratton (on-going)
  27. Jennifer Buden (on-going)
  28. Carnisha Gilder (on-going)
  29. Julia Simon (on-going)

Master Level Project and Practicum-Major Advisor:

  1. Jeffin Cherian - (on-going)
  2. Angelina Newberry - completed-2014
  3. Phillip Young - completed-2013
  4. Blair, Edward - completed-2013
  5. Nima Ghaheri - completed-2010
  6. Jodi Petrozak- 2007
  7. Patty O’Rourk - completed-2004
  8. Jennifer Lucia - completed-2000
  9. Cathy Gable - completed-2000
  10. Eileen Lofleen - completed-2000
  11. Kendall Carpenter - completed-1998
  12. Laura Burnett - completed-1998
  13. Ammanath Peethambaran - completed-1997

 MS – Associate Advisor:

  1. Bridget Sullivan
  2. Elizabeth Kinsley
  3. Angie Corcran
  4. Martha Page
  5. Holly Mauran
  6. Suzanne Collins
  7. Kathi Loto
  8. Barbra Tortola
  9. Cathy Pavalock
  10. Diane Aitken
  11. Sally Barber
  12. Tracy Cassalia
  13. Patricia Gasparini
  14. Karina Kamalinejad
  15. Stephanie Milazzo
  16. Sally Fraley
  17. Jessica Potrepka
  18. Ifeoma Ezeabogu
  19. Katryna R. Minski
  20. John Frassinelli
  21. Michelle Devan
  22. Jessica Potrepka
  23. Maryilyn Ann Magness
  24. Maryam Sadeghi
  25. Avani Patel
  26. Natalie Smith
  27. Susan Gang
  28. Stephanie Davidson 

Undergradute Advising:

On average advising of 17-25 students

Other Advising: